LVD Security Services

Wireless Surveillance Systems

LD Security Wireless Surveillance System is a new solar product from LD Security. The new Wireless Surveillance System offers the same great features as the solar Mobile Surveillance System such as deep cycle batteries, crystalline PV array solar panels, as well as intrusion and low-battery alarm notification. The new and most important feature of the Wireless Surveillance System, that differentiates it from the Mobile Surveillance System, is that is it wireless. This important characteristic provides more mobility and flexibility while still offering great site protection. The wireless surveillance system can come in a package with multiple units to monitor and secure various construction sites or large construction sites from one point by connecting multiple Wireless Surveillance System’s to one central Mobile Surveillance System. In addition, the Wireless Surveillance System can be used with alarm and video intrusion monitoring though the LD Security central station, as with other LD Security products. The Wireless Surveillance System’s offered by LD Security are meant to satisfy any concerns regarding location security by providing flexibility, mobility, and a way to lower overall security costs.