LVD Security Services

Video Monitoring

LD Security Video Monitoring services include the following:

  • Video monitoring
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Data storage and archiving
  • Notification of camera failure
  • Tech support
  • Maintenance
  • 64 cameras in one view

LD Security comprehensive packages offer camera viewing of various sites and cameras enabled by yearly maintenance services. Video monitoring services allow vigilance of the entire work site and/or multiple locations through one central, remote location and remove the need for on-site personnel for each and every location. Asset protection is realized through video monitoring without the need to have people on site 24 hours a day. Most important, two-way audio communication is available in addition to the video monitoring form the command center. This enables LD Security to advise and warn the trespassers that the guard and/or the police are on their way further deterring vandalism.

The LD Security video monitoring systems are simple and easy to use. Daily and routine operations are completed by a single user. Video evidence is created instantly through live or playback video and control cameras. These systems are designed to support any number of cameras as well as users and servers. If necessary, extra hardware is easily installed to augment the existing system. Video monitoring systems are also cost-effective and time saving. Project management is streamlined through group device configuration to assure system consistency. LD Security video monitoring systems support the most advanced megapixel technology and traffic between servers, users, and cameras is kept at a minimum through distributed server architecture. Video verification and notification of any alarm events is also provided allowing for trespassers to be caught. LD Security officers and the central station are prepared to respond to any alarm notification through alarm monitoring.

In addition, the LD Security central station and the clients are under protection of a comprehensive disaster plan. To provide protection of unforeseen disaster events, all archives and information is backed up off-location. Battery back-ups are also available for continued operation even during power outages.