LVD Security Services

Solar Power

Going green while saving energy and money is now possible with LD Security Solar Power. The Mobile Surveillance System (MSS) offered by LD Security Solar Power can give you highly efficient construction site security at a lower price. As a builder or property owner you can maintain an audio and visual connection all day long. Just having an Mobile Surveillance System on the construction site can improve safety and serve as a crime deterrent because you are able to visually contact the construction site 24 hours a day. However, a Solar Power Mobile Surveillance System not only guarantees the safety of the property but is also an environmentally friendly alternative to gas generators.

The Mobile Surveillance System by LD Security Solar Power is extremely cost effective because it brings equipment cost and energy savings. This surveillance equipment can be installed anywhere and is characterized by a 360 degree rotating solar panel and night vision cameras with facial recognition. The initial installation of a Solar Power Mobile Surveillance System is extremely fast and easy, after which, the equipment is ready to protect and monitor any type of construction site or property. In addition, the LD Security Solar Power Mobile Surveillance System is able to continuously examine the actual condition of the surveillance equipment and communicate all information to the central station through its special power management system.