LVD Security Services

Security Trailers

LD Security Trailers come in addition to an array of other products offered by LD Security to allow full residential and commercial site security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LD Security provides various equipment and specialized technology to increase efficiency in securing multiples sites from one central station.

LD Security on-location trailers are offered with live-in security guards who monitor and patrol the site after the end of the work day. Any and all location and site disturbances will be documented and reported by these officers daily. Extremely sensitive alarms are also part of the trailer equipment for the highest level of accountability on construction sites. The specialized alarm panels are connected wirelessly and installed in locations specified by the client or those considered in high-risk zones. All equipment is linked to the central station which operates 24 hours a day. LD Security then monitors all activity through the central station. If an alarm goes off, the trailer security guard is notified through the central station and is directed to examine the disturbance site. The communication chain is complete between the client, LD Security, and the trailer security guard through this additional level of security. LD Security technological security equipment along with the trailer officer offer an integrated solution to safety and security. In addition, there are a number of other products offered by LD Security to complete site safety needs such as patrol officers, Mobile Security Systems, and Intelligent Patrol.