LVD Security Services

Security Officers

LD Security Officers are specially trained, professional personnel available exclusively through LD Security for various locations, whether construction sites or commercial. LD Security Officers can provided the vitally necessary protection and security services to ensure your property’s safety and security. The staff has been trained and are able to work in different types of sites such as apartment buildings, office complexes and/or various construction sites.

LD Security Officers are not only trained but also respond to a point-to-point security system. The system consists of patrol schedules and already determined access points to which all officers adhere. The LD Security tracking systems allow to instantly pinpoint Security Officers’ precise locations. LD Security Officers are also offered through the LD Security Construction Protective Services.

Security’s officers are trained in various fields such as patrolling, report writing, observing, chain of command procedures, as well as customer service. These training courses use different and very effective techniques to present the materials. While some sessions use quizzes, others apply scenarios, discussions, professional videos, and/or presentations. Moreover, special attention is paid to LD Security Officer’s understanding of the expectations on respect to other personnel, site workers, and contractors, as well as punctuality and behavior while on location. Disciplinary procedures are clearly stated to each individual staff member and termination procedures are explained in detail. LD Security Officers do not abandon post, sleep while on the job or bring entertainment (in the form of I-PODs, laptops, etc.) to work.

LD Security offers expertise and security through the security officers who work to maintain safety and protection on any location.

The high level of expertise of the LD Security Officers is maintained through on-going training courses such as officer survival, legal and liability issues, monitoring and documentation, communication, public relations, and customer service. LD Security training programs are certified and meet the requirements of various organizations, including the 40-hour training mandate of California.