LVD Security Services

Mobile Surveillance System

LD Security Mobile Surveillance System’s are one of the exclusive products offered by LD Security to increase the safety and protection of your construction site. Web-based Mobile Surveillance System’s allow constant maintenance of audio and visual contact with the builder or owner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while decreasing the cost of location security. The mobile surveillance systems offer local and remote recording through the central station. It is possible to add pan, tilt, and zoom cameras as well as license plate recognition and motion detection cameras for complete and extensive security. The central station can receive pictures and an alarm can be activated through ecamsecure system configuration. Once the central station receives any information, a security guard can be dispatched to surveil the area and confirm the alarm. In this manner, LD Security offers a passive and active vandalism and theft deterrent.

In addition, as can be seen on LD Security-Solar Power page, it is possible to power the Mobile Surveillance System through solar panels. This is not only a solution for very remote locations but also provides a way to conserve the environment while keeping the construction site safe. The solar Mobile Surveillance System is a cost-effective option as it saves significant amounts of energy while protecting the environment.

LD Security offers another number of options for complete site security such as trailers, patrol officers, wireless surveillance system, and Intelligent Patrol.