LVD Security Services

Intelligent Patrol

LD Security Intelligent Patrol is a new security solution which allows the protection of various adjacent sites through a tactically placed wireless sensor. Intelligent Patrol provides a way for increasing security efficiency and offers wireless alarm sensors, on-site guards, GPS tracking, as well as alarm monitoring and highly technological digital video.

LD Security Intelligent Patrol can be used on a particular property or site, or it can protect and connect numerous locations. The system is able to report and detect signal loss, motion, and battery weakness by utilizing weatherized motion detectors as well as long-range wireless technology. This technology can also identify any security breach which it will then communicate to the client or other contact.

The LD Security Intelligent Patrol comes in two versions. First, the Basic level, is a new alarm system that is installed with wireless motion detectors. Then, the Mobile Surveillance System level, is a complete package option. It includes an ecamsecure Mobile Surveillance System (MSS) as well as wireless sensors that are installed through the location or site.