LVD Security Services

Construction Security

LD Security brings safe and reliable construction site security through a web-based mobile surveillance unit. Through this technology remote monitoring is possible for any location and property. In addition, vigilant security officers and trailers that monitor, observe, and respond to alarms as well as consistently circuit the location are available through LD Security.

Customized security packages with LD Security Services are meant for maintaining the safety of any location, property, or construction site (both commercial and residential). New and specialized LD Security technology offers the ability to monitor big, disbursed locations and areas from one single point. Moreover, with the specially trained patrol security personnel, alarm response officers, and customized safety and monitoring packages, you can assure the absolute safe and security of any site and budget. The security trailers offered through LD Security Services may come with motion detection systems, alarm panes, and/or floodlights based on your needs.